1. How You Categorize Your Devices?

    When looking for an A stock phone what we’re looking for is an excellent conditioned phone with no noticeable scratches or nicks, very clean housing, fully functional power on, battery and back cover included.

    Here is an example of our A stock equipment you can see that there is no noticeable scratches on the display. None on the back housing as I mentioned before all the functionalities of the camera, touchscreen, sound, charging port, home button all that is fully functional, SIM card tray, power buttons, and mute button. All that is going to be very clean A stock housing and display.

    Our second level of grading is our B stock. What we’re looking for in a B stock is a good condition phone with minimal blemishes, scratches, or nicks in the display area. You’ll have a lightly used housing, it still power on and if it needs a battery back cover it will come with a battery back cover. Here is an example of a B stock condition phone.

    What you’ll see is that overall

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  2. Sell Your Old iPhone Before the Release of the iPhone 7!

    It’s about time for Apple to come out with the new iPhone 7 model. September 16 is just around the corner, and you need to make back some money so you can afford the new flagship when it comes. The Mobility Marketplace is where you can sell your iPhone 5 or sell your iPhone 6 and trust that you will receive the best offer. We are one of the most trusted multipurpose cell phone companies in existence. Here’s why consumers come to us to get cash for iPhone models:

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  3. How much is my cell phone worth

    How much is my cell phone worth

    When it comes to your cell phone it is a good chance that it is currently outdated and a new model has been released. Now it's time to figure out how much your outdated phone is worth. How much you think your cell phone is worth is completely different on how much it is actually worth. Read about how you can learn if your cell phone has any value to trade in or sell your device for cash.

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