When looking for an A stock phone what we’re looking for is an excellent conditioned phone with no noticeable scratches or nicks, very clean housing, fully functional power on, battery and back cover included.

Here is an example of our A stock equipment you can see that there is no noticeable scratches on the display. None on the back housing as I mentioned before all the functionalities of the camera, touchscreen, sound, charging port, home button all that is fully functional, SIM card tray, power buttons, and mute button. All that is going to be very clean A stock housing and display.

Our second level of grading is our B stock. What we’re looking for in a B stock is a good condition phone with minimal blemishes, scratches, or nicks in the display area. You’ll have a lightly used housing, it still power on and if it needs a battery back cover it will come with a battery back cover. Here is an example of a B stock condition phone.

What you’ll see is that overall it is in good condition, there will be some wear on the housing such as this right next to the volume buttons. You will also see there are a couple of scratches and wears on the housing itself back here. The screen when you flip it over is going to look pretty good. There is going to be minimal scratches some signs of use but definitely in a good B stock condition.

Our next level of condition is a C stock device. With a C stock phone we are looking for a heavily worn or poor condition phone with any or all the following:

  1. Scratches or nicks in the display area
  2. Heavily worn housing
  3. Potentially a screen burn in

Here is an example of our C stock device. You’ll see it is very heavily worn on the housing. Here above the volume buttons and side housing is pretty well scratched. The back on this one is scratched, as I mentioned before the camera works the volume buttons do work, the home button works. Everything seems to work properly with this device its just that its going to be a cosmetic poor condition.

Once our devices go through the cosmetic grading scale then our technician place the devices in a data wipe machine, which fully data wipes the device back to the factory reset. After the devices have been data wiped, tested, and graded we then run ESN and verify that each ESN is valid and clear to activate.

If you’d like more information about our cell phone recycling program or if you’d like us to provide a quote for your used pre owned equipment please send us information at info@themobilitymarketplace.com or if you would like to purchase pre-owned cell phones visit our website.