Device Triage & Testing

A simple and cost effective 3-step solution in utilizing your current assets.

Step #1 TMM sends out return label directly to the client’s warehouse (bulk shipments) or directly to their remote end users with a prelabeled return box with instructions to return their units from users that have received a new device or have left the company due to downsizing, retirement or job change.

Step #2 TMM receives devices and fully processes(triages) each device by data wiping, conducts an automated 100-point functionality testing, update iOS when allowed, sanitized and securely bagged each device with a preprinted barcoded label. A detailed summary report is provided including the detailed information for each device and its condition.

Step #3 Units are all shipped back to client’s warehouse for storage so that they can be used later for users that have either had their current device damaged, lost or stolen.

On average a cost savings of approximately $600 per device when you repurpose rather purchase brand new replacements.