Virtual Warehouse & Logistics

Managing a cell phone portfolio of corporate and BYOD end users can be costly, time consuming, at times difficult, and challenging when replacing a lost, broken or stolen phone. All or some of these challenges can become quite expensive and result in significant end user downtime.

Utilizing our physical and virtual warehousing inventory management strategies has never been easier and allows you to effectively and efficiently manage your cell phone inventory in a secured and compliant facility.

Managed Service Strategies:

Our Facility

  • All inventory remains in a climate controlled environment
  • 24/7 security and surveillance monitoring
  • Meet ISO 9001:2008 certified processes
  • Capacity for 1000’s of virtual warehouses within one facility
  • Meets DoD compliance
  • 100% Utilization of bar-coding for all inbound/outbound products
  • Comprehensive and complete data security processing and removal of all data, images, IT policies and then restore to OEM settings via Phonecheck data erasure

Our Inventory Management

  • Managing the day to day storage, shipping and receiving for all spare/replacement cell phones/tablets, and accessories
  • Reuse vs Recycle displaced out of commission units instead of purchasing costly replacement equipment
  • Our streamlined employee device management process significantly reduces manual entry time and errors
  • Fully integrated system for physical device inventory management
  • Real time integrated help desk order processing and order confirmation
  • Virtual warehouse solution –reduces warehouse cost, workforce allocation and errors
  • Reduces end-user downtime
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