Bulk Deployment

Our Deployment Strategies

    TMM incorporates the wireless carriers processing of bulk deployment request for new lines of service, ports, and upgrades. We streamline the process and minimize the cost associated with deployments by including:
    • TMM can provide subsidized accessories for bulk deployments (Rugged Case, Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Car Charger)
    • TMM can customize a subsidized solution for kitting phones, software updates, programming, etc.
    • TMM will ship out a return box with a return label along with return instructions that are included in the same box as their new kitted device.
    • TMM can process and ship approx. 1000 units per day which includes: new device, kitted accessories, return label and box. All the above handle for you while creating additional revenue for your organization from the recycling of the end-user’s old device, which is all done at the POS to save time and cost.
    Turnaround time for a completed bulk order request which includes placing orders, end-users receiving order and having end-user’s old device received back to TMM warehouse is approx. 6-8 business days.